The Arduino Sketch: Humble but Powerful

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We use the term ‘sketch’ when referring to programs written for Arduino. A sketch is a unit of code that can be uploaded to, and run on an Arduino board ( As such, understanding the components of a sketch is a must if you are going to be writing code for Arduino.

Moreover, grasping the fundamentals of a sketch is helpful if you are going to be studying sketches written by other members of the Arduino community.

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LM35, temperature Sensor for Arduino

LM35 Precision Temperature Sensor For Your Arduino Projects

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The LM35 temperature sensor

The LM35 ICs are a series of precision temperature measuring sensors. LM35s are very popular among members of the Arduino community. Their popularity is a direct result of the sensors being easy to setup and easy to interface with the Arduino development environment. Common members of LM35 IC series include the LM35C and the LM35D.

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Arduino UNO R3 Hardware

A Simple Guide To The Arduino Uno Hardware For Beginners

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The Arduino Uno hardware is straightforward. It has Input and output pins that are clearly labelled and easy to access. Likewise, every component on the board is organised in a very intuitive way. And to top it all off, we have access to the Arduino Uno datasheet, which details the layout of our development board.

So, why make this guide in the first place if Arduino Uno is so simple?

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Arduino Uno development board

Arduino UNO, The Best Board For Beginners In Zimbabwe.

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The board you choose to start with, will either make or completely shatter your Arduino experience. The wrong board can bring an otherwise promising future in electronics development to an abrupt and frustrating end. Especially if you do not have a background in electronics and programming to cushion you. These are the things you should consider before buying your first Arduino development board.

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